LIVE EVENT: Interactive Dialogue of the General Assembly on Harmony with Nature

11th Interactive Dialogue of the General Assembly on Harmony with Nature, Friday 22 April 2022. David Dene, UN Expert on Earth Jurisprudence working with the UN Initiative, Harmony with Nature, is unable to attend the UN General Assembly in New York this year, however here is information relating to the dialogue. Event: Interactive Dialogue of […]

Mirador: A mine of mirages ‘Ecologist’ Article – David Dene February 18th 2019

Read Full Article: China is investing in the huge Mirador mining project in Ecuador – at great risk to human life and the natural environment. If you’re producing sixty thousand tons of toxic waste a day and need to store it safely until the end of time, you’re doing what the sun does to […]

The Mirador Mine in Ecuador – Another disaster waiting to happen?

“In order to bring the situation affecting the Mirador Mine into perspective I am including information on the recent Tailings Dam failure in Brazil.” On Friday, January 25th. 2019, the 42 year old Brumadinho Tailings Dam in Brazil collapsed. On January 30th. news outlets declared that 99 people had been found dead, and the chances […]

Adverse Ecological Effects of the Mirador Open-Pit Copper Mine

The World Bank notes that acid mine drainage is one of the most serious and difficult problems associated with mining, and has severe and permanent effects on the environment. Acid mine drainage continues to emanate from mines in Europe established during the Roman Empire prior to 467 AD (CSS, 2002). Georgius Agricola’s “De Re Metallica” […]

Usage of Water by the Mirador Open-Pit Copper Mine

The Mirador Open Pit Copper Mine will mine 60,000 tons of rock per day. When 50,000 tons of ore are mined and crushed per day, 49,700 tons of solid rock waste is created each day, all of it contaminated by heavy metals. In the case of the Mirador Mine more than 49,700 tons of rock […]

Case upholding the Rights of Nature

On the 15th of january NGO’s and The Shuar people, presented a request to the courts in Quito to try the Ecuadorian Government for infringement of their own Constitution, written in 2008, and the first in the World to enshrine The Rights of Nature. Organizations like The Pachamama Alliance, Conaie, Ecuarunari, and Acción Ecológica want […]

Court hearing in the case upholding the Rights of Nature

This Friday, February 22, the NGO’s had a public hearing at the courthouse in Quito . The process seeks to stop the Mirador mining project because it violates the Rights of Nature enshrined in the 2008 Constitution. The Ecuadorian State is accused of implementing precautionary and restrictive measures for activities that could lead to the […]

Leaders from Peru and Ecuador reunited in Bomboiza

Hundreds of indigenous leaders and NGO representatives from northern Peru and southern Ecuador met on the 5th and 6th of July in the parish of Bomboiza, province of Morona Santiago, Ecuador for a “Binational meeting to discuss Border Mining”. Peru and Ecuador in defence of the territory against the mining on their frontiers. Communities situated […]