Mirador – a time bomb? | Mirador, ¿una bomba de tiempo?

Picture: "la barra espaciadora" www.labarraespaciadora.com/medio-ambiente/mina-mirador-bomba-de-tiempo/
13th of February 2023 | Diego Cazar Baquero | @dieguitocazar |
The Mirador mine, a mega-mining project located in the southeastern Ecuadorian Amazon, has been the subject of controversy since its inception due to its potential environmental impact and violation of indigenous rights. The mine, owned by Chinese companies, has been accused of ignoring environmental regulations, causing deforestation and pollution, and displacing indigenous communities. Despite protests and legal action, the mine continues to operate, and its critics fear that it will be a ticking time bomb that will cause irreversible damage to the environment and local communities.

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