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In a landmark ruling, the Provincial Court of Imbabura in Ecuador has upheld the rights of nature and blocked the development of a copper mine in the Intag Valley. The decision marks a significant victory for environmentalists who have been fighting against mining in the region for decades.


Photo: https://news.mongabay.com/2023/03/ecuador-court-upholds-rights-of-nature-blocks-intag-valley-copper-mine


The court ruled that the ecosystem and the people living in the area have the right to be protected from activities that could harm their well-being. The ruling is based on Ecuador’s constitution, which recognizes the rights of nature, including the right to exist, persist, and regenerate its vital cycles.


The Intag Valley is a biodiverse region that is home to many endemic species, including the critically endangered brown-headed spider monkey. The proposed mining project had sparked protests from local communities and environmental groups who argued that it would damage the environment and threaten their livelihoods.


The court’s decision has been hailed as a victory for the rights of nature and a setback for extractive industries in Ecuador.


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