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David Fredrick Dene

Founder of Protect Ecuador

David Dene

Co-founder of Protect Ecuador

I was born shortly after the second world war, in 1948.

My first years were spent on our farm, 250 acres, where we raised cows, chickens, turkeys, pigs, wheat, barley, oats, cabbages, sugar beet and potatoes.

I was educated at private schools culminating in the world-famous Harrow School.

After my “schooling”, in 1966, I emigrated to Canada aged 18 years old. Clearly I was to be an adventurer.

I returned to England owing to family illnesses and over the subsequent years I worked on our farm, then at Lloyds of London Insurance, T&J Harrison shipping company, Eardley Hotel, Worthing-On-Sea, P&O Cruise lines, (Assistant Purser), London Tourist Board certificated Drive Guide, Manager of Senior Secretaries Employment agency and as a certified deep tissue body worker trained by Joseph Heller in the technique “Hellerwork”.

Whilst being involved in the foregoing activities I also had time to become England’s Firewalking expert for the BBC, a founder of World Runners to end world hunger “step by step”. I ran 9 Marathons. I was also involved in the burgeoning human potential movement of the 80’s.
In 1990 I came to Spain and I have been instrumental in the development of 2 Eco Villages. Through my connection with Shamanism and Shaman from South Eastern Ecuador I have become deeply involved in the protection of our shared world-wide environment.

I took two Shuar Tribal leaders from Ecuador to the UN in Geneva where we enrolled 5 Special Rapporteurs to look at and report on human rights abuses affecting the Shuar Nation.

Most recently I have been enrolled by the UN as a world expert on Earth Jurisprudence working in a team with their “Harmony with Nature” initiative to facilitate the meeting of the 17 sustainable goals set for 2030.

I am president of Ecocidio El Rio, an association that we have set up to tackle the ongoing Ecocide of my home, here in Southern Spain.

I have brought a case to the Ecuadorian Constitutional Court citing Rights of Nature and calling for an injunction on tailings dams which will irreversibly destroy Nature when they inevitably collapse. I refer to the Mirador Mine in the Cordillera Del Condor with ore reserves calculated at 220 Billion Dollars.