Legal Update from March 2019

INTERNATIONAL EXPERTS REQUEST PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES TO AVOID AN ECOLOGICAL CATASTROPHE IN THE CORDILLERA DEL CONDOR, THE ECUADORIAN AMAZONIAN WATERSHED. The Mirador Copper Mine Project presents a serious and imminent danger to the Rights of Nature in the upper Amazon river basin. Quito, Ecuador – Last Friday, March 1st, two UN Rights of Nature experts presented […]

Ecuador’s tribes declare ‘national mobilization’ against oil and mining

This article is based on an original story in EcoHustler. Also on The Ecologist: ‘In Ecuador’s Amazon, a small tribe lives under a dark, oily shadow‘. Ecuador is facing an unprecedented confrontation between a ‘progressive’ left-leaning government and a national coalition of indigenous peoples determined to stop vast oil and mining projects taking place on […]

Ecuador – Upholding the Rights of Nature

This article was originally published on EcoHustler. See also: ‘Being Nature – extending civil rights to the natural world‘, by Mumta Ito. Deep in Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest, a gigantic open pit copper and gold mine is planned in the heart of the Shuar peoples’ territory. David Dene tells the story of a growing international […]

News Update July 4th, 2013

At a Press Conference in Quito last Tuesday, the Collective for The Defense of the Condor Mountains, declared that they will take the case of The Mirador Mine to the International Tribunal on Human Rights. The Judiciary of Ecuador have dismissed the case brought by the “Collective for The Defense of the Condor Mountains”. The […]

Is this the end of the Rights of Nature in Ecuador?

All was reasonably “well” until last year when representatives of transnational mining companies had a meeting with President Correa and persuaded him to relax the mining laws of Ecuador. Put simply, these “reforms” violate the country’s constitution and are a direct threat to the Rights of Nature and the Rights of Indigenous Nations. The “reformed” […]

“Rights for Nature”? News update for June 2013 + Map

Pachamama Alliance and other NGO’s and Human Rights organizations along with Ecuadorian Tribal nations have taken the Government to the courts over infringement of the Rights of Nature and Human Rights in relation to The Mirador Open Pit Copper and Gold Mine. The case was heard and dismissed and then appealed. The Appeal was given […]

President Correa declares us “infantile”. Are we?

President Correa declares us “infantile”for questioning his vision of Eco-friendly sustainable growth through mineral exploitation in Ecuador. Are We? In an interview with New Left Review President Correa says, “It is madness to say no to natural resources, which is what part of the left is proposing – no to to oil, no to mining, […]