Is this the end of the Rights of Nature in Ecuador?

All was reasonably “well” until last year when representatives of transnational mining companies had a meeting with President Correa  and persuaded him to relax the mining laws of Ecuador.

Put simply, these “reforms” violate the country’s constitution and are a direct threat to the Rights of Nature and the Rights of Indigenous Nations. The “reformed” law clearly states that mining can develop in any part of the country. This means that the safeguards that were previously in place to protect The Rights of Nature and Human Rights have been effectively abolished.

WHY? Is it because Ecuador has borrowed more than 17 Billion Dollars from the Chinese and has guaranteed to pay the money back through commodity sales, 17 Billion Dollars worth of Commodity Sales?

Indigenous take action

After the leaders from  Peru and Ecuador reunited in Bomboiza, the president of  CONAIE, the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador, Humberto Cholango, presented a default action in the Constitutional Court on July 9th.  He declared that in March 2010 a Constitutional ruling was issued requiring the National Assembly to consult with Indigenous Peoples and Nations before approving any amendments to the Mining Act. Continue reading the full story…

Leaders from Peru and Ecuador reunited in Bomboiza

Hundreds of indigenous leaders and NGO representatives from northern Peru and southern Ecuador met on the 5th and 6th of July in the parish of Bomboiza,  province of Morona Santiago, Ecuador for a  “Binational meeting to discuss Border Mining”.

Peru and Ecuador in defence of the territory against the mining on their frontiers.

Peru and Ecuador in defence of the territory against the mining on their frontiers.

Communities situated on both sides of the Ecuadorian/Peruvian border are threatened by the same problems. Both governments are irresponsibly promoting the devastation of territories through mining, oil extraction, hydroelectric dams  and colonization of the indigenous lands by Transnational Corporations. The companies are committing Human Rights abuses and violate economic, social and cultural rights.  They violate civil rights and ignore International and National law. Continue reading the full story…

News Update July 4th, 2013

At a Press Conference in Quito last Tuesday, the Collective for The Defense of the Condor Mountains, declared that they will take the case of The Mirador Mine to the International Tribunal on Human Rights.

The Judiciary of Ecuador have dismissed the case brought by the “Collective for The Defense of the Condor Mountains”.

The Mirador Mine was cited by “The Collective” as being in breach of “The Rights of Nature”, and the “Rights of Indigenous Peoples”. The claim was supported with over 8,000 documents.!
Continue reading the full story…

“Rights for Nature”? News update for June 2013 + Map

Pachamama Alliance and other NGO’s and Human Rights organizations along with Ecuadorian Tribal nations have taken the Government to the courts over infringement of the Rights of Nature and Human Rights in relation to The Mirador Open Pit Copper and Gold Mine.

The case was heard and dismissed and then appealed. The Appeal was given 15 minutes and is now in the Courts awaiting a response from the Government.

Tribal nations from both the North and South met 3 weeks ago in Cuenca for the first People’s National Parliamentary Assembly. Resolutions were passed to hold similar meetings all over the country. Specific resolutions were passed saying  that if the Government does not hold to it’s Constitutional Law, then the Tribal People will mobilize. Continue reading the full story…

President Correa declares us “infantile”. Are we?

President Correa declares us “infantile”for questioning his vision of Eco-friendly sustainable growth through mineral exploitation in Ecuador. Are We?

In an interview with New Left Review President Correa says, “It is madness to say no to natural resources, which is what part of the left is proposing – no to to oil, no to mining, no to hydroelectric power, no to roads. This is an infantile left, which can only legitimate the right …. We cannot lose sight of the fact that the main objective of a country such as Ecuador is to eliminate poverty. And for that we need (to exploit) our natural resources.”

A comparison of the Hindustan Copper Limited open pit copper mine Malanjkhand Copper Project, operating in Madhya Pradesh in India, and the Mirador Copper Mine in the head waters of The Amazon River is alarming.

Malanjkhand mine - satellite view

Malanjkhand mine – satellite view

I believe that The Mirador Open Pit Copper Mine, in the head Waters of the Amazon, in Ecuador, will be much more damaging than the Malanjkhand Open Pit Copper Mine in India.

There are many similarities between to the two mines. Size is the big difference. The Mirador Mine is 10 times bigger.

The Malanjkhad mine at present mines 2 million tons of rock “ore” per annum at a rate of 5,500 tons of “ore”per day. The Mirador mine will mine 22 million tons of rock “ore” per annum processing 60,000 tons of “ore” per day. Continue reading the full story…

Court hearing in the case upholding the Rights of Nature

This Friday, February 22, the NGO’s had a public hearing at the courthouse in Quito . The process seeks to stop the Mirador mining project because it violates the Rights of Nature enshrined in the 2008 Constitution.

The Ecuadorian State is accused of implementing precautionary and restrictive measures for activities that could lead to the extinction of species, the destruction of ecosystems and the permanent alteration of natural cycles.

The environmental studies carried out by the firm Walsh, hired by the mining company, realize the potential destruction, yet the Ministry of Environment granted the environmental license.
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A new era? President Correa’s dilemma: chinese money or Ecuador’s nature.

The Horrors Of Copper and Gold Mining in the Head Waters of the Amazon.

There is an area in the Upper Amazon, in South Eastern Ecuador which is under threat from the first of what may be a succession of open pit copper mines. Mirador One has been licensed and more mines are planned for the future.

This type of mining, “open pit” mining ALWAYS causes pollution because as soon as sulphide rocks are exposed to air and water, by chemical reaction, they exude sulfuric acid, which in turn releases heavy metals from the rocks, which in turn creates toxic waterways.

In this case the waterways link into the great Amazon River system.

The acidification of the water causes gill malfunction in all fish life and ultimate death. The waters also become toxic due to the presence of heavy metals and toxins used to extract copper and gold from the mined ore. This acidification is known as Acid Mine Drainage and lasts for ever. The poisons remain in river sediment. Mines started in the times of the Romans are still leaching acid after 2,000 years. Continue reading the full story…

Case upholding the Rights of Nature

On the 15th of january NGO’s and The Shuar people, presented a request to the courts in Quito to try the Ecuadorian Government for infringement of their own Constitution, written in 2008, and the first in the World to enshrine The Rights of Nature. Organizations like The Pachamama Alliance, Conaie, Ecuarunari, and Acción Ecológica want to stop the developing of the Mirador open-pit copper and gold mine.

The courts will decide whether or not to take the case within a week. The case is being brought in respect to gross violations of The Rights of Nature, and non-compliance with the rights to due consultation of Indigenous Peoples in regard to the use, and in this case, the abuse of their lands. Continue reading the full story…

Factsheet – Mirador Mine

President Correa  and his Government are implementing an environmentally destructive mining project in the Cordillera Del Condor, in South Eastern Ecuador, compromising the head waters of the River Amazon.

In March 2012 the broadest possible mining rights were granted to the Chinese state owned company CRCC-TONGGUAN,  who own and manage THE MIRADOR COPPER AND GOLD MINE, which is the central focus of controversy.

CRCC-TONGGUAN has secured permission to exploit all minerals found in their concessions. MIRADOR could be just the tip of the iceberg, as it is widely suspected that there is uranium in the Cordillera Del Condor (“The Mountain Range of the Condor”). Continue reading the full story…

The destruction of the Amazon Rainforest affects us all

Lots of us think that the issue is to far away from home so this will not affect me. The world is interconnected in such way that no matter how far away the problem is, it affects us all.

The Amazon Rainforest produces over 20% of the world’s oxygen. Over two-thirds of all the fresh water on earth is found within the Amazon basin.
It’s estimated that by 2050 there will be no Rainforest left for us to save. If we don’t do something now it will be too late. Continue reading the full story…

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