News Update July 4th, 2013

At a Press Conference in Quito last Tuesday, the Collective for The Defense of the Condor Mountains, declared that they will take the case of The Mirador Mine to the International Tribunal on Human Rights.
The Judiciary of Ecuador have dismissed the case brought by the “Collective for The Defense of the Condor Mountains”.
The Mirador Mine was cited by “The Collective” as being in breach of “The Rights of Nature”, and the “Rights of Indigenous Peoples”. The claim was supported with over 8,000 documents! I
The Confederation of The Kitchwa Nation will “file a case” in the Constitutional Court because Communities were not consulted on the amendments to the Mining Act. This is in clear breach of the Ecuadorian Constitution of 2008.
Meanwhile, in the South East, a meeting has been held including delegates from “The Indigenous Nations of the Amazonia”, and delegates from provinces affected by mining and “extractive industries”.
There is a feeling of “unease”, and it is impossible to rule out protests. The Indigenous Nations are holding regular Parliamentary meetings and are committed to keeping in communication with all their communities.