“Rights for Nature”? News update for June 2013 + Map

Pachamama Alliance and other NGO’s and Human Rights organizations along with Ecuadorian Tribal nations have taken the Government to the courts over infringement of the Rights of Nature and Human Rights in relation to The Mirador Open Pit Copper and Gold Mine.
The case was heard and dismissed and then appealed. The Appeal was given 15 minutes and is now in the Courts awaiting a response from the Government.
Tribal nations from both the North and South met 3 weeks ago in Cuenca for the first People’s National Parliamentary Assembly. Resolutions were passed to hold similar meetings all over the country. Specific resolutions were passed saying that if the Government does not hold to it’s Constitutional Law, then the Tribal People will mobilize.
Tribal Leaders from the South will shortly meet in Southern Ecuador for a second time to discuss strategy. Domingo, President of the Shuar Association has been in Peru and is hosting a meeting of the Nations living in Peru and Ecuador. The meeting is being held to discuss the security of the Cordillera Del Condor threatened by this Mega-Mine.
Things are moving and I will be in Ecuador in a few weeks and will be able to give you further information.
The map below shows the extent of mining. The red dots represent Large Scale Mines. The “Blocks” represent oil concessions and the colours represent Tribal lands infringed by the concessions, including Yasuni Park!
The conclusion is that the Ecuadorian Government is dedicated to extractive industries regardless of the Rights Of Nature or the Rights of it’s Indigenous People. The potential environmental destruction is both grave and serious and will benefit no-one.
We must continue to raise awareness of this situation as it develops and continue to work together to show support for and defend the Shuar and The Rights of Nature.
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