Societal Impacts of Large Scale Mining

Latin American countries with large scale mining projects have a vast number of social conflicts between mining companies and their governments.

According to the Observatory of Mining Conflicts in Latin America (OCMAL) there are currently 120 active conflicts involving more than 150 affected communities throughout the region.

Mining is, of course, all about money. Continue reading the full story…

Adverse Ecological Effects of the Mirador Open-Pit Copper Mine

The World Bank notes that acid mine drainage is one of the most serious and difficult problems associated with mining, and has severe and permanent effects on the environment.

Acid mine drainage continues to emanate from mines in Europe established during the Roman Empire prior to 467 AD (CSS, 2002). Continue reading the full story…

Usage of Water by the Mirador Open-Pit Copper Mine

The Mirador Open Pit Copper Mine will mine 60,000 tons of rock per day. When 50,000 tons of ore are mined and crushed per day, 49,700 tons of solid rock waste is created each day, all of it contaminated by heavy metals. In the case of  the Mirador Mine more than 49,700 tons of rock waste per day will be produced for 19 years, the expected life of this mine.

ECSA has the rights to mine the area for 30 years to be extended after the first 30 years for another 30 years. Continue reading the full story…

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